Congratulations on getting solar panels installed on your home or business! This was a smart move but it was also a substantial investment. Now what? If the company you used installed high-quality panels, you probably know that solar panels are pretty low maintenance. However, there is one thing you should consider in order to ensure that they continue to function at peak capacity. Solar panel cleaning is a must! If you use the right local solar cleaning company, they will not only provide expert and professional cleanings, they will provide additional services as well. At Brite Solar Cleaning and Maintenance, we are experts in our specific field. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not a window cleaning business expanding our options. Brite representatives go the extra mile to ensure your solar panels are inspected, clean, and protected!

You might be thinking that if a bit of dust affects our panels very much then the costs may be high for solar maintenance, St.George is so dry! However it isn’t the typical dust regularly blown around in our dry climate that is the concern, but rather a build up, or film that can accumulate over time from all sources combined. Dust will usually wash away with occasional rain and won’t pose a problem in normal ranges. Drier places, like St. George, do not always have much rain, and a build-up should be avoided. Likewise, clearing any water, leaves, debris, or bird droppings at least twice a year is recommended. Contact Brite Solar Cleaning to schedule an appointment and assess your solar panel maintenance needs!


In this day of Do-It-Yourselfers, it is easy to see why this would be tempting. As a matter of fact, whatever you can do from the ground level, using clean water to dislodge any debris, is not a bad idea! However, when it comes to high roofs, steep pitches, and expensive technological equipment, it’s best to leave this one to the professionals. They will have tools and safety equipment and be best equipped to reduce the risk of accident or injury due to roofs made slick from cleaning. 

No one wants a shortfall from a high roof! Safety is always first when it comes to solar panel cleaning and solar panel maintenance. Much has changed when it comes to solar panel technology. Solar panels are less expensive and more efficient than ever before. A great deal has changed when it comes to solar panel cleaning as well! When solar energy was first becoming prominent, many home and business owners bought 

expensive tools, and tried to manage the cleaning themselves, despite knowing little about the panels themselves, and taking obvious safety risks on steep or slick roofs. Worse, they might hire a general window washing company, who may use products that are inappropriate for solar panel cleaning. Now there are professional solar panel cleaning St. George solar consumers can rely on and trust with such an important asset.


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As a smart consumer, you will be happy to know that Brite Solar Cleaning and Maintenance offers additional services making this a great one-stop-shop for many needs.

To serve your St. George solar maintenance and cleaning needs, Brite Solar Cleaning offers solar power consumers:

  • Professional Residential or Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

This is done by professionals, who are safe, and experienced in the care and maintenance of solar panel systems. Brite professionals will always try to schedule at your convenience and will often be able to provide same day service calls!

  • Window Washing

You might have been thinking, “While you are up there…can you just clean those high skylights and windows too?” The answer is, “YES”.  Why hire a separate professional cleaning service to clean those difficult windows. Save both time and money and use Brite to take care of all of these needs during the same appointment.

  • Install Critter Guard

Depending on the needs of your home or business, the installation of a Critter Guard could be an important tool for prevention of costly repairs. Critter Guard is just what it sounds like: it is a mesh covering that encompasses the solar panel system and prevents creatures such as squirrels from infiltrating in or under and trying to nest or cause damage to wiring. Critter Guard can also provide additional protection from a buildup of leaves or debri where needed.

  • 12 Point Inspection

Our Brite professionals are not just a solar panel cleaning service, they are also trained to be able to provide a thorough 12 point inspection, ensuring that your solar panel array is in tip top shape and alerting you to any issues. 

With Brite Solar Cleaning and Maintenance you get the most for your money. Even more importantly, you can protect the important investment  that you have already made in clean, less expensive, renewable energy. Improve the longevity of your solar panel system, and keep them operating at peak performance levels. Call to schedule an appointment today! 

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Brite Solar Cleaning is an award-winning solar operations & maintenance company. We primarily focus on solar panel cleaning services, but provide effective critter deterring service as well as a 12 point inspection on all of your solar systems. 

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